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‘Sing the song of your soul’


 About me, Neriyah 

I enjoy inspiring people, helping them to blossom. Bringing out the best is something that has run as a thread throughout my life. I have the privilege of having two adult sons, with whom I have a deep connection. While studying spiritual psychotherapy my journey back home began. I decided to study at the conservatory and I became a singer. Being a teacher (and guiding children and mothers as well), my deep interest in people awakened. After a big change in my life; going back to my Jewish roots, Jewish learning and living in the Holy Land, I knew that I wanted to inspire and guide women from the knowledge I had gained. I became a certified life coach.

My close relationship to Hashem, my Jewish learning, living in the Land and the spiritual work inspire me to live my life with love, sensitivity, courage and emunah.


 Vision and mission 


Within every woman is a natural desire to connect to herself. To truly be in contact with yourself and open yourself up takes courage. Through spiritual coaching l’ll support your journey which will include a variety of exercises that you can practice at home.

These techniques will help you to open yourself up and accept yourself unconditionally for who you are. You will be unified with own your inner strength, joy of life, wisdom, truth, trust, peace and love.

I encourage you to start your journey of self-discovery…back to who you really are.   

Most of my clients are women 40+ with children. While being a mother I started this spiritual work. By changing and being an example, I can see clearly that my sons gained from my change. They grew up to responsible young adults who are connected to themselves and living their authentic selves.

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