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‘Sing the song of your soul’


private coaching

 Private coaching sessions 

We will explore the area you would like to work on. Even though you may come for guidance for a specific theme in your life, we will work on what is happening in you at that very moment you come for the treatment. You will experience that everything is connected to each other. Depending on what you need, I use tools such as bodywork, massage, visualizations, inquiries (self introspection), affirmations and exercises to help to open yourself up and accept yourself unconditionally for who you are. I can guide you in deepening your personal prayers to experience the love and guidance of our Creator so that emunah (trust) will become an essential part of your daily life.


 Kinor Lev, healing through music 

I am a Kinor Lev therapist as well and work with this method in the clinic of Dr. Lipo. Through this system the heartbeat of the client is connected to the computer. While the client is listening to music (that she chooses herself) and while breathing with the music, in a way the therapist teaches her, the heartbeat will be influenced and the client will enter a state of calmness and peace.


 Coaching on skype


Coaching on skype, where ever you live! Coaching on skype is one of my specialties

The work I do with my clients is of high quality.
Skype sessions enable me to be completely 'with' my clients
Anytime ...  [see more]





Why not take advantage of joining one of our workshops. Learning together in a group of women has so many advantages. Become inspired by the experiences of other women and open yourself while going through your process. Learn to become more aware and practice the exercises that help you to grow. Experience the joy of inner growth within a group. Music and dance can be a part of the workshops.  [see more]



 Upcoming workshops 

  • 1/2 year training 'Ontdek hoe jouw uitdagingen je brengen bij je kracht, vreugde en vertrouwen' [see more]

  • Event: 'A taste of Ontdek je kracht, vreugde en vertrouwen' [see more]

  • Workshop 'Sing your Soul on Sunday' [see more]

  • Workshop 'Move your Body and Soul' [see more] 

 Indian massage    

A pleasant way to introduce yourself is to start with a relaxing Indian massage.

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