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‘Sing the song of your soul’



I Fly

A New Day



I am a singer, composer, teacher and spiritual life coach.

I studied Brazilian/Jazz music at the conservatory in Rotterdam, Holland.

My journey took me from Holland where I was the singer in the duo Black Rose. Black Rose had performed concerts mostly abroad (Europe, U.S., Georgia, Russia). During my conversion process I realized that I could no longer sing for (Jewish) men. I decided to end my career. Two years later, while attending a creativity workshop at the midreshet B’erot in Bat Ayin, I discovered my talent to compose songs. There, in the Judean Hills, my comeback started…

Studied with:

Lilian Vieira, Josee Koning, Peggy Larson, Rhiannon, Fay Claassen.


With my program 'Journey to the light'  I performed in Israel (Bat Ayin, Efrat, Hevron, Jerusalem, Ra’anana, Natanya, Arad, Telstone).


In Antwerp (Belgium) I had several concerts for the Chabad community and for young women from an Orthodox school.

After some time it became clear to me, that I had to record my songs that I wrote during my conversion process. I worked on my new album 'I fly' . In August 2013 I released my new cd, which is recorded at Midikol and produced by Avi Tal. The performance took place in Jerusalem. The review was overwhelming! I plan to perform the coming year with my program ‘The song of my soul’ .....and bring my music to many women, B'H.


Composing and singing make me feel very happy. My songs are mostly prayers about the difficult and happy stages of my conversion process and nowadays my Jewish life.
The struggles in my life brought me to the truth, love and a deep feeling of thankfulness.
My experiences of feeling Hashem close to me and seeing the beauty and deepness of Judaism I want to share with women. I feel blessed Hashem gave me the opportunity to share this through my songs with my public.


Sharing my experiences and myself through song and story, I touch women and inspire them to connect to Hashem.This makes me feel deeply thankful and happy.

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