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‘Sing the song of your soul’


Tips: Dealing with physical complaints

I usually begin spiritual life coaching sessions with the body; how one is feeling physically, and then I work with my client's emotions and how they are feeling.

In a Skype session, I gently assisted one of my clients to feel and focus on any pains in her body. I requested that she would give a special attention to her breathing, specifically towards the part of her body where she felt pain. She was given guidance in walking through her pains. She later exclaimed that she found this process to be such an act of loving kindness to herself and her body that she was able to relax. Her strained voice relaxed and into tears of happiness ensued. She expressed her feeling of deep peacefulness and relief—something she hadn’t felt for a long time! Many of my client's mention that with this process their pain “dissolves.”

My Tips for you: Start your day with 10 minutes of body work.

Start with stretching. Stretch with your full attention to the part of your body where you may be experiencing pain. With intentional kindness become aware of these sensations. Don’t stretch with too much force, but also not too soft. Be kind to the parts that hurt. Follow your intuition.

Finish stretching with a soft and kind exercise with your head by bringing your chin to your chest. Make slow circles with your head while being careful when rotating your head. (This exercise will help you to be more connected to your heart, less in your thoughts, fears, etc.)

Now pulse/throb your whole body.

Start with your feet and legs and end with your head. You can vary this by giving yourself a massage while focusing on your body.

Usually my clients feel a big sense of relief and openness, physically and emotionally. Many express to me feel that this process bring feelings of positivity and release!

Receiving professional guidence through this process especially when there’s a lot of pain/stress, brings relaxation more easily and quickly.

My close relationship to Hashem, my Jewish learning, living in the Land and the spiritual work inspire me to live my life with love, sensitivity, courage and emunah.

Inspiring people to blossom

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