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‘Sing the song of your soul’


Water and Song

Water is a symbol for Torah and Oneness. It also encompasses feminity and purity especially with its connection to the mikvah. Water expresses attributes similar to our feminine persona: unity, going with the flow and softness. There is a feminine strength, persistence as well. Like rivers, our paths merge together in the sea and we become One.

Songs bring us so close to our G’dly soul/Hashem (G’d). When we sing my songs together, we share an amazing experience of being present to each other and to our Creator. My spiritual coaching is all about connecting to our soul, accepting what is in our life, and living life in a genuine life practicing deep trust (Emunah). When we live our life with Emunah we are strong and free, able to live life in all that it may entail.

So my special encouragement for all of you is to “Sing the Song of Your Soul!” It is literally what I experienced even before my path in becoming Jewish. I feel so grateful to have adapted this work into my daily life and to see changes in physical, emotional and spiritual health.

When you decide to commit to the work that I’m teaching, you will see changes in your life and relationships in which you will see yourself as a joyful, stronger and balanced person!


Inspiring people to blossom

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